Organised by the Sussex Combined Yacht Clubs - Brighton Marina Yacht Club, Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club, Sussex Yacht Club & Arun Yacht Club

Sussex Regatta 2007

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The 2014 Sussex Regatta is being hosted by Sussex Yacht Club at Shoreham on 18th to 20th April, over the Easter Weekend. Why not join us? See below for news.


The 2013 Regatta took place at Brighton Marina Yacht Club on 29th to 31st March 2013. See the Results pages for the outcomes.


Chairman's Message

On behalf of the Sussex combined clubs committee I would like to welcome you to the 2014 Sussex Regatta.


As we all are aware, along with many regattas throughout the country alongside the economy, entries have been lower than the heights of a few years ago. However, as we have seen with the economy, there are green shoots of optimism which we hope will reflect into entries to the regatta. We have therefore taken a number of actions to help with this.


In organising the regatta this year we have taken feedback from a number of competitors from last year and those that have competed previously, along with those that may wish to enter - and looked to overcome a number of the issues raised so that we can encourage as many of you as possible to compete in this year's event.


To encourage early entry we have significantly reduced the entry fee for Early-Bird entries down to £40 and are also allowing single day entries. As part of the commitment from the host club Sussex yacht club to this event, moorings will be provided at minimal cost to visitors, with day storage ashore for those wishing to stay aboard to enjoy the festivities without having to drag the overnight kit round the race course the next day. Sussex Yacht Club will also look to accommodate as many visitors as possible on the north side of the canal to enable easy access to the clubhouse.


On the race course, to encourage those that enjoy their sailing but are worried about being left behind, the Gentleman's Class this year will be run using average lap times. The waters off of Sussex allow us to run a unique regatta with the setting of fair and interesting courses without the challenging tides experienced at other venues. On shore, Sussex Yacht Club will be providing a full range of exciting entertainment for all to enjoy.


Whether this is your only regatta of the year or the first of many now is the time to prepare your boat and crew for the 2014 Sussex Regatta - a sailing event not to be missed.


Tim Cork
Chair - Sussex Combined Clubs


And happy sailing!




Sailing Instructions - Amendment 1 published

18/04/2014 09:59

An amendment to the sailing instructions has been published and can be downloaded from the Documents page.


Courses and Protest Form published

17/04/2014 17:50

A document with the three possible laid courses had been published on the Documents page. Versions of the protest form are also there.


Sailing Instructions published

15/04/2014 12:48

The Sailing Instructions for the 2014 Sussex Regatta have now been published and can be downloaded from the Documents page.


Notice of Race and Entry Form published


The Notice of Race and Entry Form for the 2014 Sussex Regatta have now been published and can be downloaded from the Documents page.

Online Entry will be available in the near future.